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Business Automation

Simplify,  reduce waste,  and hide complexity

Complex business processes add complexity and cost. If they can’t be removed, they should be automated.

An automated process can increase customer satisfaction which often translates into increased revenue.

An  automated process can eliminate unnecessary human effort and work leading to a reduction in cost.

It takes creativity and innovative ideas to automate complex processes.

We use an Agile, Adaptive, Iterative, Evolution (AAIE) methodology to design and build systems. Tools are selected that are appropriate for the task. 

Applications systems developed to date

  • Drupal Web Sites
  • Intranets and Exranets
  • Project Collaboration 
  • Learning Management Systems
  • On Line Stores
  • Event Management Systems
  • Accreditation Systems 
  • Certification Systems


From Idea to System / Product Release

Every product or system starts off as an idea. The idea gets refined, expanded, modified and evolves over time as it moves through departments, people, processes and stages.

If the idea is successful its life is “maintained” in the marketplace for a period of time until some other idea replaces it.

The journey from concept to final realization and maintenance generates a vast “flow” of information, discussions, tasks, decisions and documentation.

Currently this flow is managed by email systems that are overloaded and at breaking point 

Orkistra is a better way to mange this constant information “Flow”

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